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Jolly jungle gym manufactures outdoor equipment in various shapes and sizes all with different ideas and functions of play. Make belief is now converted into reality playtime.  Pretending for children of young age are always something nice to play then they can also drive like mom and dad for instance. By the way all children like to play pretend. In our range they can maybe go on safari in their Jolly Safari Jeep, same as in real life, their is a guide driving the vehicle while the quests are relaxing in the backseats and enjoying their safari looking out for other things to see. Go by train, jeep or go by bus, just let the children decide and enjoy their ride where you can still keep an eye on them knowing they are safe.

Most features on pretending play consists of  2 and more steering wheels, barrel to crawl through, table and chairs to sit and relax under shade and one even has a sandpit. All items are painted in bright rainbow colours so it is a nice sight and children like bright and nice items to play with or in.