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Jolly woody 4. Now this is the elite of our range wooden jungle gyms.

This is a big wooden jungle gym that is ideally suited for primary schools but make no mistake this is only due to the size of space available for installation.

There is two towers combined with one 4 meter bridge connecting the two towers. You get a drum with two steering wheels, a commando net climbing structure, a rope ladder leading up to one play area and a step ladder leading up to the second play area. Now that you are up get a ride down on either a steel or a fibreglass slide. You also get two swings attached on the side.

Now here you can even add on a wooden see saw to really create a wonderful play area for more than one child.

Contact Person: Anita
Tel no.: 0782299020
Cell no.: 0782299020
Email: anitafeuth@webmail.co.za