Jolly jungle gyms - the name says it all. Jungle gyms is the name of our game. Yes, here at Jolly jungle gyms we manufacture jungle gyms for you the public to give you another opportunity of enriching your young one's life with happiness and joy. Have the peace of mind knowing your children is playing safely on your own premises out of harms way. Listen to their laughter and look at those pretty faces smiling back at you while they enjoy every moment out in the sun.


Jolly Jungle Gyms is situated in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng. When we manufacture a jungle gym we have the development of skills and safety with great fun for children in mind. Some skills and motions obtained from using our Jolly Jungle Gyms are for example hand - eye coordination , balancing, climbing, motion of movement as well as getting to know four primary colours.


Jolly Jungle Gyms play equipment is seen in so many pre-schools and creches from here local in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West and even the Free State not forgetting the Cape. So where ever you are situated, don't delay, CALL TODAY.


Jolly Jungle Gym caters not only for the small but also for the big. We not only manufacture steel jungle gyms but wooden gyms as well. We already have existing ideas but creativity has no perks and as new ideas come to mind  we give it a try, keeping in mind all aspects of safety and voila: another creative Jolly Jungle Gym is built and available to the market.


Jolly Jungle Gym also knows how children like to play pretend. What is now more exciting and popular for a child than something with a steering wheel to play with? In that department which we call pretending play we have a few items and planning for more. Some only has two steering wheels while others has up to  nine. Some of the equipment here at Jolly Jungle Gyms has a table and chair function where children can take time with their colouring books, building their blocks or even have their lunch.


Swings will always be a hit. Most of us already own a swing. There is always way for a upgrade. Jolly Jungle Gym can show you a new swing but with something added on. What about a swing, a drum and a step and slide all in one. Now ain't that value for money?

Jolly Jungle Gyms also manufacture park equipment like roundabouts, swings, step and slides and square climbing frames for use by one and all, big or small.


Here at Jolly Jungle Gym we strive to keep you our valued customer happy and should you be interested in more than one item whether it is two of a item or different items we will manufacture it. We've done projects in the past and are fully equipped to do huge orders. So don't delay CALL US TODAY.


What about a sideline? Put a nice coloured shade over your Jungle Gyms, or even over your carport - whether it's a one colour or mixed four colour shade. Some food for thought from Jolly Jungle Gyms.