Let's play imagine were driving by train to the sea. How about we must go to town with the taxi? Ranging from a Jolly combi bus, Jolly jeep safari, Jolly tjoek tjoek, Jolly sandpit car we here at Jolly jungle gyms are making it possible for all little ones to give them the freedom of choice and the opportunity to play pretend keeping it real. Every child loves to play pretend. Here children pretend to drive a vehicle of their own choice in the safety of your own place and not getting involved in any accidents. All children are fond of steering wheels and cars so pretending is now a reality for them and giving them the feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction because now they can reach their destination in their own time and they are driving themselves there.

Jolly woody 1 up to Jolly woody 5 All made of wood and all of them with a slide and a swing. You can have it in natural brown shades or even in jolly bright rainbow colours, red, blue, green and yellow. With the wide range of additional added extras you can get everything you want and positioning of extras can differ. Items can be switched around the platforms and facing different directions to suit your needs. Wooden gyms can even be placed next to the swimming pool and then if you chose the fibreglass slide it can be fitted to slide into your pool.
Swings,swings and more swings. Different shapes, colours and sizes. All for children to play and learn how it is to go either high or low, fast or slow, back and forth or even round and round. Jolly creates one and all. Don't get stuck with just a frame with a swing or two but add on a slide and a crawling barrel and what do you get? A local and lekker swing combination.

Jolly jungle gyms comes in different shapes and sizes. Children age range from 2 - 10 years. All has a netting shade canopy over the platform used for play, 2 swings and a slide with a commandonet for climbing and a barrel to crawl through with a monkey bar and tarzan swings. The platform is reached with a vertical placed ladder. Some Jolly jungle gyms also has a firepipe for children to slide down from and others has extra ladder effects. Featured on the bigger frames the barrels also is fitted with 2 steering wheels to have more fun.

Want something of each like a steel or a tyre swing, a slide and a barrel that don't take up to much space or you have limited space make use of a combination. Saves place while not taking away any pleasure out of the joy of the children using them and everyone can smile.
Need something robust and strong for those play hunger children. This is like the name says. While strong it also has all the features that the normal Jolly jungle gyms and climbing frames has but it looks heavier and thus looking more durable to the eye.

Jolly seesaws for fun play time and bouncing up and down.